Thursday, 11 February 2010

Its me!!!

So I've decided to start a blog. Hi, I've never done this before; I don't really know what to say. I can't help but wonder how many first blog posts start with something like that, people stating that they are giving this a go, but they doubt that anyone will ever read this. I'm trying not to go down that route, but the truth is this is something for me and if no-one ever reads it, I don't really mind. At least not much.

So this first post on my new blog page will be about me and why I'm starting a blog, a tad conventional I know but at least it’s a start. I'm a twenty-something, short, blonde ...what? I don't have a career as such, more something I love to do which costs me money and something else I do which pays the bills. For the bill paying bit I work in Events and External Relations at a University. For the other bit I'm a writer, mainly the academic, non-fiction sort at the moment but I'm determined to resurrect my fictional writing dream, long since resigned to the bottom drawer while I try to do stuff which might actually support me and any future family. So to facilitate this resurrection, I now have two beautiful new notebooks, purchased from Paperchase in London, and a blog. The theory is that by forcing myself to write something on a regular basis which other people will read, I’ll remember how to write unselfconsciously.

This reminds me so much of the first page of a new notebook or jotter, when you finally finished your old exercise book at school and the teacher handed you a new one it was a fresh start. You'd be better this time, you'd always write neatly and take care of always lasted about two days. I've often wondered if my sister has the same anxiety over the first mark on her canvas as I do over the first sentence in a new notebook.

For now the notebooks remain in their wraping, but the first blog post is going out into the void.

Goodnight dear void...


  1. You go! I am working on my fiction dream this year. :)

  2. What people forget about first blog posts is that they stay there forever...and curious people like me actually enjoy unearthing them - and popping in to say a more private hello back where it all began!

    And how did you go with those new notebooks? I have a drawer full which I got on sale but they still feel too special to use. I've promised myself that for my next major project I will start a new one, and a new notebook for every project after that. Otherwise they'll languish in the drawer forever I'm sure...

  3. Hi Adina. I did post sometime last month when I refered to The First Post and linked back to it. I didn't in my Crusade post because of laziness, rather than wish it wasn't there.

    The notebooks are out of their wrapping, but thats about it. They still feel to good to waste on a story I might not finish. It doesn't help that I was with my Mum when I bought them who then asked me when I was going to write the next Harry Potter so she could retire, so no pressure.

    I buy new notebooks for all sorts of sepciaal reasons. I got one recently for starting my PhD with a letter from an illuminated celtic manuscrpit on the front cover. I almost didn't want to write in that either, but made myself take noting else to write on to my first class so that I had no choice.