Wednesday, 23 March 2011

You there, yes look fab today.

Flattery will get you everywhere, especially when you have to apologise. I've not blogged in a while and am feeling a little guilty, so sorry to all my fellow Crusaders. I have been reading your blogs, I promise and I appreciate all the comments I've been getting even though I haven't posted in a while.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Go Dundee!

This blog is getting less and less anonymous and I blame the Crusdade, but I'm so proud of my City today I'm outing myself as a honorary Dundonian.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


I cannot imagine anything more joyous than this sound. A friend posted it on facebook and I just had to share it.

Very Merry Unbirthday to Me

I was going to go with a completley different post, but a friend (Julie) wished me a very merry unbirthday this morning and it reminded me about a post I made around this time last year, so I'm going with the second annual unbirthday post instead.

Crusader Biz(ness) first though. I really enjoyed the guesses from everyone, and I'm sorry I didn't get around everyones' Challenge post, but I promise to be round to your blogs soon. I'm not really a closet philatelist, or a philatelist of any kind. I did inherit a relative's stamp collection once, but I have no idea what happened to it and I do keep the used stamps that come my way as my work collects them for charity (still not sure how they get money from used stamps, but I send them anyway). The guesses were brilliant and I apparently wrote loads of things that could be mistaken for a lie. So for the reccord here's what they all were:

  • I was bullied in first year for being flat chested (secret) 
  • I always make sure I've got extra chocolate spread on the knife so that I can lick it off the blade (interesting quirk)
  • I'm not good with concise and have the habbit of going on a bit (annoying habit)
  • I'm very determined and its a character trait I get from my family (best character trait)
  • When I was little I loved dressing up and my Grandma's fur coat was the best (favourite thing in the whole world) 
Other guesses for the lie were that I don't bloviate during academic debates, that I don't like nutella(!) or lick it of the knife, that I didn't study philosophy and that I don't live in a pond. Apart from the pond bit, those are all true. I was surprised that no-one thought that the fur coat bit was a lie, ansd that the 'closet philatelist' wasn't more obvious. I also obviously need to work on my metaphors, since I had no intention of implying that me and my family live in a pond...
Special mention needs to go to Jolene, who commented to say that the 'toast' bit of my breakfast really is optional. She got it absolutley spot on and qwhile I do like the excess nutella off the knife if I have it with toast, more often than not I just eat it from the jar with a spoon. (Incedently I do the same with peanut butter, but never at the same time).  

My Birthday was on Sunday and I had a lovely day out with the family. I got tonnes of DVD box sets and some beautiful notebooks for my PhD (I chose a set of Paperblanks notebooks to use for it). Its my Mum's birthday a week after mine so I also get to do it again this comming weekend. I also get to have two birthdays in a way since I usually spend the weekend near my Birthday at home, and celebrate with friends through the week. Tonight is my 'Birthday with friends night' so I' better run and go get ready.

All thats left is for me to wish you a Very Merry Unbirthday!

(I have no idea what the little dancing banana man is doing in this post, but I had hiom saved long with the post title, so there must have been some reason)