Wednesday, 23 March 2011

You there, yes look fab today.

Flattery will get you everywhere, especially when you have to apologise. I've not blogged in a while and am feeling a little guilty, so sorry to all my fellow Crusaders. I have been reading your blogs, I promise and I appreciate all the comments I've been getting even though I haven't posted in a while.

Apart from being super busy with work, Uni and super-top-secret event planning, I'm also trying to work out what the blog should be about. I started it with no real idea about what I would write about, but the though that by writing and editing posts on a regular basis I'd get back into the habit of writing and perhaps finally get my novel started. It's worked and not only have I started writing again for the first time since I was 15, I've also met lots of wonderfully inspiring and talented writers out there in the blogosphere doing the same thing. So, now what?

While I love reading book reviews on other blogs, from the few that I've done I can safely conclude that its not for me. I analyse and review texts for Uni and for the most part, the stuff I read outside of that isn't chosen for the purpose of analysis. Don't get me wrong, most of the literature that I study was picked up from a bookshelf at whim with no idea of the gold between the covers, but it is far from the majority of what I read. I also don't feel that I have done any of the books that I've reviewed justice and my go at a giveaway was an unmitigated disaster. (The link is still open up there on the right if you'd like a free copy of The Red Tent).

I decided a while ago not to post either academic or creative writing online via the blog, as that's tantamount to asking to be plagiarised (particularly with the academic stuff) so that's ruled out. I'm doing a PhD, I'm an Events Organiser, I edit a short fiction anthology, I tutor classes and private one on one sessions, I have fabulous friends who are writers and artists, entrepreneurs and scientists - surely I have something to offer the blogosphere?


  1. Why yes I do look fab today. Thank you for noticing...

    I'm glad to hear that you've started writing again. Good luck with it.

  2. Great to see you again Kar_Took. I'm thinking about the Dundee Anthology. It's your blog so you can do what you like. As you rightly say, you have a lot to offer the blogosphere. I'm looking forward to what you end up with.


  3. Sorry it has taken me so long to come over and comment- I visit a ton of blogs a day. I think you have plenty to offer the blogasphere! I don't have many writer friends- mainly because I live in Wyoming and there aren't many. anyway- have a terrific week and thank you for commenting on my blog!

  4. Why don't you just try blogging about what interests you? It's okay if it doesn't fit into just one category.