Monday, 28 June 2010

And exhale...

I've been absent from the blog for a while now due to the massive amount of my time that my job takes up around this time of the year. I work for the External Relations department at a University and last week was our biggest event - Graduation.
I should say 'events' really as we started on Monday last week with a reception for the international graduating students with food and drinks, a speech by the Principal and some wonderful entertainment from Loadsaweeminsinging and and Indian dance group founded by current international students. They won't really end for me until the Creative Conflicts conference finishes on Wednesday evening, but I have a bit of a lull just now to update the blog and get on with the backlog of Admin work in the office.

Along with Graduation, as if it wasn't enough, we also run the Literary Festival from our department and so you can imagine that a little bit of book buying went on while we had the stall set up. There were a few Canongate authors at the festival and I was lucky enough to speak to director Jamie Byng, very briefly, about my intended PhD topic and the recent publications from Canongate on the re-wrtitng of myth from Philip Pullman, Margaret Atwood, Jeanette Winterson and Karen Armstrong which I immediately went out and bought along with this (in white).

On looking into the Myths series from Canongate, I discovered that I own quite a few, all purchased reasonably recently and now that the madness is over for another year, I'm looking forward to getting stuck into academic work again. Its almost a pity that I'm flying halfway across the world in a weeks time. Almost

I now have a host of Gregory Maguire, PC Cast, Stephenie Meyer and these in my case, ready to fly off to Mexico with me for two weeks. I hope I've packed enough books.

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