Thursday, 14 February 2013

New Marla Mason Novel

Marla from Bone Shop (C) Daniel Dos Santos and T. A. Pratt
Marla Mason, sorceress of considerable reputation, queen of snark and all-round badass is back.

I first met Marla around 2007 when Blood Engines was available as a free e-book from Random House in scribd. Since then I've been totally hooked, and when the series by T. A Pratt was dropped by the publisher in 2009. Due to the response from readers wanting to find out more about the character, and read the resolution to the cliffhanger at the end of Spell Games Pratt set up a readers funded sequel, whoch I'm proud to say I backed.

That was my first foray into crowd funding, and I'm pleased to report my experiences as a happy customer of quite a few project, bot Kickstarter supported and independents. I've supported all the the subsequent Marla Mason novels, and Pratt's standalone novel The Nex, which is a must read for any fans of steampunk fantasy. I've also backed The Fires I Started by Unwoman, Theatre is Evil by Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra, The Red Queen of Oz by Bryan Wiegele and Simon Rosati and now:

Marla Mason will appear once again in new novel Bride of Death  later this year, and if you're interested you can back the project here. I can't wait.

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