Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What's Your Dundee?

We Dundee
 I've blogged before about the city I live in, and how it had a completely undeserved reputation as being...well a bit rubbish.

Things have been changing in people's attitudes both in and outside of Dundee and I'm so pleased that this is being recognised with Dundee's bid to be the 2017 UK City of Culture.
The only other Scottish city competing for the honour is our rival's in the North East: Aberdeen. Now I know that I should be torn about this, considering that I study in Aberdeen now and I do love the University Campus...but I'm a Dundee girl all the way. I love this city. This is my city and there are so many brilliant things about it. Lot's of hidden gems and a fantastic atmosphere for the arts. The Waterfront Development is changing the way that the city moves and functions for the better, and there's good reason that it's been chosen as the location for an outpost of the V&A.

 As part of the bid for the City of Culture, bid organisers We Dundee are asking us to share our secrets about Dundee. What makes it so brilliant? Is it a place, a person, an attitude? They are looking to have 2,017 secrets about what makes Dundee fantastic to present to the City of Culture Board and this closes in 6 days. They still have a few to go, and I know that a lot of people in Dundee have out off sharing their secrets (I know I did). If you live in Dundee, or have visited us before and found one of our many discoveries then tell everyone about it here.

Here are some of the things I love about Dundee:

  • Small town friendliness. People speak to you at the bus stop or in the street: they say 'hello', and 'thank you' and 'good morning'
  • Big city attractions. Awesome live acts at Fat Sams, Caird Hall, Baxter Park, Camperdown.
  • Award winning plays at Dundee Rep Theatre
  • Gourmet dining at The Playwright, Byzantium, The Tasting Rooms, The Blue Marlin or Bridgeview
  • The best burgers and beer selection in Dundee at Duke's Corner and lot's of other affordable, quality eateries
  • Galleries and museums like the Macmanus, the DCA, 
  • Live poetry, readings, lectures, talks and performances all the time in one of the many, many venues around the city
  • Being able to sit and enjoy a cuppa in one of the fantastic cafe-bars without worrying that they'll move you on for another customer (see point 1)
  • The Dundee Literary Festival with past events with big name authors like Philip Pullman, Iain M Banks, Grant Morrison, Liz Lockhead, Nick Cave and Val McDermid as well as new writing to discover from Dundee and beyond. (see point 2)
  • Walking around the city enjoying the views, the architecture and the green spaces. I always feel safe here
What about you? What's your Dundee?
City Square, Caird Hall Steps

Desperate Dan, DC Thomson

Dundee Rep Theatre, Further Than the Furthest Thing

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