Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Breaking News...really this time

After my last blog about Stephenie Meyer's new novella and my (healthy) obsession with Vampires, the University of Hertfordshire has annouinced that it is launching a Masters Degree in Reading the Vampire at the conference I'm presenting at this weekend. Since this happened there has been surge in the press attentions, and a few sites (like Jezzebel) even mention my paper. Its got me in a bit of a spin, and added some serious pressure to a conference I was really only doing for fun, but there is now a good chance of publication afterwards so YAY!

Since I've been busy with the paper and with some massive events at work, I've neglected the blog a bit, but I promisse I'll be back next week with more interesting (and non-vampire related) posts. In the meantime, have a look at some of the press courtesy of the conference organsier Dr. Sam George:

A university lecturer hopes the undead can liven up English literature for the Twilight generation, writes Lucy Tobin.

Vampire conference at University of Hertfordshire

coffin boffin syllabus!

University Rejects 'Americanization' Of Vampires

In Brief: Vampires make leap to academia

University of Hertfordshire to host vampire conference

Cool Brittania For Vampires

As an aside, the British vampire angle is something that the press has latched onto, rather than the theme of the conference. There will be  no 'our vampires are better than yours'  papers, and I'm safe as a British academic writing about American vampires. Phew.

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