Thursday, 22 April 2010

New Writing Dundee

New Writing Dundee is here. This is an anthology of  original writing by amitures and pros which is organised by my friend Rachel. and published in association with Literary Dundee. I've been buying NWD since its very first publication and this one is its biggest and best to date. I'll be reading and reviewing individual peices from it on the blog in the near future, but for now it has its big launch tonight. Professor of literature and creative writing at the University of St Andrews, Robert Crawford will be there to launch this year's volume at the DCA, 152 Netergate, Dundee so if you're in the area come check it out.

(Details below.)

If you'd like you can get a copy from here.

The book will be launched at the DCA on the 22nd of April at 5pm, with a reading by Robert Crawford, and can be purchased from then for £5 from the University's Online store,, Waterstone’s, John Smiths and various local booksellers.
This year’s NWD will include:
  • Douglas Bruton - Up Mendick Hill Again
  • Jane Christie - Island Mink
  • J. A. Cosgrove - Truth, Fiction and the Journalist: An Interview with David Robinson
  • Gillian Craig - Origami
  • Robert Crawford - King’s Lynn for Tony Ellis
  • Gordon Darroch - The Mute Saint
  • Anna Day - Jury and Duty
  • Nicole Devarenne - The Secret of My Successes, or, Why I Don’t Want You Any More
  • Christy Di Frances - Kýrie, eléison
  • Paul Gorman - Little Angels
  • K. F. Gray - The Amazing Headless Woman
  • Nicky Guthrie - Ten O’Clock News
  • Karl Henry - No Time
  • Helen Howe - Oxfam Footwear
  • Andy Jackson - Sunburst Finish
  • Hope Jennings - The Prologue (To Everything that Came Before)
  • Amy Kinmond - Road to Heaven
  • Belica Antonia Kubareli - Contagious Diseases
  • Richard Lakin - Westerly
  • Albert Lehzen - Empire
  • Kirsty Logan - The Owlatorium and the Cat-King
  • Lorraine McCann - Wonderberries
  • Paul McFadyen - Leaving the Emerald City
  • Heather McKenzie - The Telegraph Pole and the Tree
  • Adam Mars-Jones - Irrational Fear of Tom Stoppard
  • Rachel Marsh - CV Building
  • Gavin Marshall - Digs
  • Brian Meechan - The Last Visit
  • Linda Menzies - No' For the Likes O' Us
  • Andrew Murray Scott - Medical Records
  • Jane O'Neill - Pendulum
  • Vincent O'Sullivan - Come Again?, Convent girl in the Wairarapa, and Family Shots
  • S. O'Tierney - The Would Be New Man
  • Catherine Oxford - Enter Magnus
  • Diane Payne - Six Beers and a Dog
  • Christopher Reid - The Cat
  • Siân Roberts - To Kill or Not to Kill?
  • Andrew Rubens - Swallows
  • Elisa Segrave - Elisa Segrave’s Diary
  • Clare Olivia Skelton - Rome
  • Eddie Small - The Drawn Blinds
  • Kenneth Steven - The Quinces
  • James A. Stewart - Keeping the Faithful
  • Jim Stewart - Earwigs
  • Jacqueline Thompson - Hourglass
  • R.S. Varian - Blue
  • Zoe Venditozzi - Eleven in the Morning
  • Leila Webster - The Talk
  • Corinna Weyreter - Oblivious Fish

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