Monday, 9 August 2010

Book Wishlists

After my lovely parcel of books arrived lst week a couple of my friends came in to my office and, of course, noticed the books. My friend was delighted to discover a new source of affordable YA literature and we got chattying about book buying over the internet. One of the things that we talked about was the book 'wishlist' that you can build up on your preferred book buying website.
 I checked out my friend's Amazon wishlist around her birthday and discounted almost everything on it because it was an academic textbook of some kind on philosophy. I know, if its on her wish list then she wants someone to buy it for her, but honestly, could you bring yourelf to buy your friend philosophy for ther birthday? No, and I couldn't either.

It got me thinking about why we make wishlists. Mine is for keeping track of books I'll buy in the future (like the next time I get paid), whether academic or for pleasure. They aren't really there for anyone else, in my case, but on occasion I have given 'the list' to my Mum.

So, do you have a wishlist for books or for anything else? Where do you have it? Do you give it out to your friends and family, or do you keep them for yourself?

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  1. I have a wishlist but it's really out of date. Thanks for the idea, I might just get it updated and try to keep it up to date too! :)