Monday, 2 August 2010

Making Mondays Better

Just a quick look at  couple of things which make my Monday's more bearable.

Sister Claire:
A weekly web-comic by Yamino, an artist living in Belgium who I am now stalking on Twitter. I gave her Lady Gaga endorsed Telephone poster to my baby sister for her birthday. No, I'm not obsessed.

Broken Mirrors:

A serialised novel by Tim Pratt, a fantasy literature writer in the US. I got his first Marla Mason novel for free from Scribd (legitimately put there by the publisher!) and I've been hooked since. I've donated to Broken Mirrors, and would encourage you to do so as well.

Parcels in the post. I got a lovley parcel from Red House today with some long awaited books in it like:

And I have the promise of free books (well, my friend is letting me borrow some). Now if only work would disappear...

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