Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Read-A-Thon Day's 2-5

So, I was totally rubbish and didn't post my updates for the Dusk Till Dawn Read-A-Thon, which was now ages ago. I had some of the challenges worked out (on paper at least) and I did read along with my chosen books and keep an eye on what everyone else was up to, but I totally fell behind with the 'blogging about it' bit.
To make things worse I then went to a conference in Essex for a few days and didn't take my laptop,so the only access to the internet I had was ia my ipod. Good for twitter and facebook, not very conducive to blogging.

I managed to finish two full books during the Read-A-Thon and I made good head way with a third. I finished Never Bite a Boy on the First Date  by Day 2 and Impossible  by Day 3 and I'm now a good way through Son of  Witch. There should be reviews of the first two going up this week.

I really enjoyed the Read-A-Thon and will definitely consider participating in one again, although I might try and make sure I'm not super busy next time.

For the challenges, I didn't manage them all. In particular I found the 'design a cover' competitions hard as I'm not very artistic and don't know my way around photoshop at all. From the many challenges I manages these (links to blogs to follow):

Name your favourite bedtime story
I learned to read when I was still very young (surprise, huh?) abd so I mostly read to myself. However, when I stayed over at my Grandma and Grandad's house my Grandma would read me and my little sister one of the first 12 Beatrix Potter tales from a limited edition boxed collection (which she still has). I say one of the 12, in actuallity she rarley got to read anything other than The Tale of Peter Rabbit as that was our favourite.

Who is you favourite charater from the book you are reading for the Read-A-Thon and why?
Book: Never Bite a Boy on the First Date
Author: Tamara Summers
Character: Kira
Why?: She's fiesty and despite the fact that the story line was a tad done, it was nice to read about a teen vampire who was realistic. If I were in her situation I'd like to think that I'd also die my hair an outrageous colour, get a whole new wardrobe and moan about having to drink blood.

What would your ideal fast-breaking meal be?
Starter:  Prawn cocktail and deep fried mozarella sticks
Main: Chicken stuffed with haggis and mashed potato with a peppercorn sauce
Desert: Hot chocolate fudge cake with vanilla ice-cream
Drink: Raspberry milkshake

Tell a place of your own
A real place would be lying down in really tall grass. There was a dissused patch of garden in our first house where the grass was really difficult to cut and my Dad had the habit of letting it grow. It was long enough to hide in and doing just that with my friends during the summer is one of my fondest memories.
In fiction, a place I'd like to visit would be the place where lost things go in Cecilia Ahern's A Place Called Here

If you could, what fictional world would you read yourself into and give up the world you are in now?

The answer to that ir none of them. I am so happy with my life at the moment, with my family and my fiancé and my job. If I could go somewhere for a visit, however, I'd like to go to the world in Philip Pullman's Northern Lights so that I could meet my dæmon.
I'm cheating a little, as that's not exactly what the challenge was. I was more, what fictional universe is so great that you'd give up your life here. For me it'd be somewhere magical, and for now the world of the House of Night series by PC and Kristin Cast. And I'd be a vampire, of course.

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