Friday, 3 December 2010

Closed on account of snow

This week has pretty much been a write-off. The University where I work has been closed most of the week and I've been unable to get out of town to get to Aberdeen to go to class. I'm feeling really frustrated, not the best mood to blog in I suppose but I haven't posted in so long and I'm feeling a little guilty about my absence from the crusade. Writing, both creative and academic, has stalled for the most part. I'm finding motivation a real issue just now and work stress is not helping.

I'm trying to give myself a shake (hence the blog post) and am setting an official deadline with my supervisor for next week to have 3-5000 words of the first chapter and a personal deadline of tomorrow to do all my dishes and put the clothes lying on my bed away.

As for getting out of the city, for the moment the car can't get out of the car park, the trains aren't running and I don't do busses that take longer that 20 minutes, so I'll be staying put. We even walked to and from Tesco this week. For snowy adventures see photos below.

I should explain the penguins. I live in Dundee and the Discovery which Captain Scott sailed to the Antarctic was built here. It now resides in a dry dock on the riverside and there's a museum there dedicated to the exhibition. Because of this there are sculptures of penguins dotted around Dundee. These ones are outside the museum.

University of Aberdeen

University of Aberdeen

The car

University of Dundee

The view from my office window

The view from our bedroom window

Our car park


Street art in a Santa hat


  1. This is a beautiful place. I love these pictures. Stay warm in the freezing cold and here's hoping you get a chance to work on your first chapter.

  2. good luck with your thesis, that street art looks like a baby but the pictures are beautiful.

  3. Thanks Patricia, I've never been more grateful for my ski jacket than this week (except for when skiing maybe).

    Its a squirel Joanna, but I took the photos with my phone. I've gotten a bit snap-happy since the snow came.

  4. Wow, look at all that snow! Don't worry about the Crusade, I've closed it down for this year and will be calling the next one early next year - hope you come on board again :)