Saturday, 4 December 2010

So you want to write a novel?

I have a friend who is both a writer and a tutor and she posted this on her facebook recently. If you've ever spoken to a 'non-writer'* about your writing ambitions, there might be a few things in here you recognise from that conversation.
Perhaps the phrase 'everyone has a novel in them' was branded about? From conversations with my friend, it looks like this conversation, pretty much as is, is what you listen to all the time when you teach creative writing. I must confess to making the other half listen to this when he mentioned that he was thinking about starting his novel the other day. It's not as mean as it sounds, he isn't a non-writer and he found it very funny. It's only just occured to me that he might have taken it wrong.

The script for the video was written by David Kazzie and you can find his blog here. Enjoy.

*By which I mean someone who has never put pen to paper creatively, and has no real intention of doing so. Not used to signify someone like me who is, for the most part, an academic writer or another professional writer, suce as a journalist.


  1. I actually came across this recently. Very funny, if slightly worrying.

    Thanks for the post :)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  2. That's so funny!!! Thanks for sharing, glad your other half took it the right way ;)


  3. Yep, 'cos it's just so EASY to write a novel and get it published. LOL.

  4. Hi there,

    I wrote the Write a Novel video, and I wanted to thank you for posting it on your blog. I know this commwent is a bit late, but I am glad to see you and your readers enjoyed it.

    David Kazzie

  5. Hi David,

    Thanks for making the video! It had me laughing out loud and I just had to share it.