Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A decade on...

Do you remember what you were doing in Winter 2002? How old were you, were did you work or go to school? What were your plans for the impending new year? What about the world in 2002...what was it like? How did we communicated then in the time before smartphones, Facebook and Twitter? Had most of us even heard of blogging, or were we keeping old fashioned, written on paper diaries?

I was 16 in 2002, I was in my final year of high school and I met the boy who would some day be the Husband. And what's more, I knew by the end of 2002 that I would marry him someday.

At our wedding in October 2012, almost 10 years after we met for the first time, the Best Man told a room full of our family and closest friends what some of them already knew: BM said that when they were both still 16 Hubby told him he'd marry me one day. Most people would have told us that we were mad, so we didn't tell them. I kept my mouth shut during a conversation with a school friends when he scoffed at a couple we knew for being what he termed 'engaged to be engaged to be married'. There was no way that we could tell our parents. They would most assuredly not understand because they were our parents, they were way to old to remember what it was like to be young and in love and just know.

Our wedding, ten years later, was perfect. I even managed to surprise the entire room with a fourth speech:
And Husband surprised everyone with his much denied dancing skills:
He'll not thank me for putting that up on tinternet for all to see, but as I've said about a few things since October, "you knew this about me when you married me!"

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