Thursday, 13 January 2011

Food for thought...

For those of you who thought that the deep fried mars bar was a myth, this is a picture of the sign inside the chip shop I got my dinner from tonight in Stonehaven.
In case you don't believe me they even have a website:

I had to take a picture of it because I always thought that us Southerners came up with the deep fried mars bar, specifically the Glaswegians. I remember going to the chippy down the road from my school one lunchtime (I only ever got once a week and then not unitl I was in Primary 6) a friend of mine had individually battered and fried malteasers, because they advertised 'deep fried confectionery'. Apparently, if they had it, they would fry it. I never did ask her how they tasted...


  1. I've never tried one, but I sure would be tempted to . . .

  2. LOL. I think I put on 5 kgs just thinking about it. Must say, I've never tried a deep fried mars bar, would give it a go though. And deep fried maltesers sound quite delicious! :)


  3. I'm interested to find that people find the thought of deep fried chocolate appealing. It's never something I've had any inclination to try, but I'm not a fan of deep fried, battered anything really.

    If you find yourselves in Scotland any time soon, let me know and I'll make sure you both get to try one!

    Looking forward to the crusade starting up again, ladies?