Monday, 24 January 2011

Interim post

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 I have a whole host of exciting discussion posts, a couple of reviews and a competition brewing but no time to write them all out at the moment.
I had a meeting with my supervisor last week and I've got a lot of revision to do. I might have to completely re-think my approach to one section and I need to relax a little, stop panicking about covering my back and get my argument sorted. So, with all of that to do and work and meeting up with a couple of old uni friends, and wedding shopping with my Mum and Sis in Glasgow on Saturday I'm going for an interim post where I promise to blog about all sorts of things in the hope that by promising you I'll post about them soon, I'll force myself to do just that. So upcoming topics from thoughts inside my head in no particular order are:

  • Learning and dyslexia
  • Arts and University education cuts
  • Author event with P C Cast and speaking to your favourite authors
  • Win a copy of one of my favourite books to kick off my inagural 'Confessions of a Justified Bibliofile'
  • Plot bunnies here, there and everywhere
  • Fallen and Torment by Lauren Kate reviews
  • Vintage New Writing Dundee
  • To blog or not to blog?
See, I told you I had oodles of posts brewing. For now I've been struck by a submission query that popped into the NWD mailbox today which asked about our submission guidelines on swearing. So, I wanted to ask what you guys thought of swearing, either in your own writing or when reading someone else's?
On my list of favourite authors you will find Christopher Brookmyre, a Scottish author with a wicked dark sense of humour nd a fantasic writer. His books contain copious amounts of swearing, but only if its pertinent to the characters. If the character wouldn't swear, then they don't. He gave a lecture here on his new(ish) book Pandaemonium and had a little pre-lecture disclaimer. Essentially it went, 'if you'll be offended by swearing please feel free to leave'. As such, you might correctly assume that I have no problem with swearing, but I'm not sure what NWD policy should be.

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