Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Writing, New Reading, New Year

My first post of 2011heralds some new writing, mostly in the form of New Writing Dundee submissions.
I'm getting quite excited about the anthology, and it's great to know that last year's editor, my friend Rachel, is on call if I have any daft questions about editing a fiction anthology.Incidently, Rachel has recently given in and started her blog offering her teaching experience and some great tips for writers. Seriously, she's fab and not just because she's my friend, check it out.

There's some new writing for me in the form of a short story that's going no-where at the moment but I'm trying to write through and a longer, very different story thats brewing with a new main character which I'm starting off with another short story, just to get the feel for how she thinks and speaks before I graple with the big plot and the other characters. It's a sort of magic-realism story, something I've been resisiting writing about in favour of more 'serious' genres, but I don't think I can fight it anymore. It's a pretty saturated market, but if I don't like reading it, I'm never going to finish writing it. My Mum'll be pleased that I'm finally taking steps towards writing the novel she can retire on. Cudos must go to the boy for finding her name. He's definately getting in to the acknowledgements now.

P.S I've signed up to Home Girls Book Blog 110+ for 2011 challenge. Check out the sign up link and my list of reads so far on the right.

Ciao x

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