Friday, 25 February 2011

A blog post all about me (Crusader Challenge)

So, I've to tell you all about me in 300 words or less. In case you haven't noticed yet I'm not so good with concise so this really will be a challenge. I do have the habit of going on a bit, its one of the things that people find most annoying bout me. When I get onto a topic I feel passionately bout, one way or another, it’s hard to get me to stop and I do tend to bloviate a bit when it comes to academic-style debate. I think its something to do with having studied philosophy. Maybe.

One of my favourite things in the world when I was little was dressing up and my Grandma's fur coat was the best. Imagine how I felt when I found out that it was real rabbit.

I was bullied in high school, like most kids are but my story has a happy ending (kind of). I was bullied in first year for being flat chested; I was twelve. By the time I was thirteen I was on my way to a D-cup. Hmm, perhaps not the best secret to tell you, should I have gone for 'I’m a closet philatelist' instead?

I love toast and nutella for breakfast, and I always make sure I've got extra chocolate spread on the knife so that I can lick it off the blade.

I'm very determined and its a character trait I get from my family. We are fuliguline is many ways, belonging to quite a big flock but not your average birds of a feather: a bit quirky and not found in your usual pond.

Of all these things about me, one of them isn't quite true. Can you guess which one?

P.S. I don't share much about myslef on the blog, mainly because I like to keep sections of my life seperate and blogging is where I am the 'writer' me, rather than the girlfriend, daughter, friend, colleague, sister or student me. So, this was a bit diffucult and really challenged my writing skills. A huge big THANK YOU to Rach for hosting this awesome challenge. Keep crusading!

P. P. S. The moral of the story is not that you need big boobs to be happy, but that bullies are usually clueless individuals and you should never take what they say on board. And check what that vintage fur coat is really made of first, it might freak you out. And comparing your family to a flock of sea ducks is hard.


  1. Hey Kar, lovely to learn more about you, and well done for finding a way to do the Challenge :) Tee hee, your P.P.S made me chuckle.

    This was a really hard one, I think it might be the bloviating :)



  2. I’m torn between a few lie possibilities here. But, as I’m only to choose one, I’ll guess that you are not a closet philatelist. That’s almost less socially acceptable than admitting to wearing a fur coat ;)

  3. Hello fellow crusader! I am a tad bit late, the whole house has been sick all week. So, I just thought I would pop in and just say Hi! :D

    I'll have to go with bloviate as your fib too! So hard!

  4. Love the title of the blog, btw! Hmm, this is a tough one. I'm going to guess that the fib is that you're a closet philatelist (which I had to look up, this crusade is really boosting my vocabulary!)

  5. Ha! Good stuff. Great use of "Fuliguline". Just because no one else has said it, I'm going to guess you don't really like Nutella.


  6. I'm going to go with that you don't lick it off the blade. :)

  7. Hi - fellow crusader finally stopping by to say hi and follow! My guess is that you are not a closet philatelist :)

  8. Good to meet you. Not sure what your lie is, so will have to wait until you tell all.

  9. You don't really live in a pond?

    I love the "you need big boobs to be happy" bit. :)

  10. I guess you didn't study philosophy.

  11. Oooh, and you ALWAYS need more Nutella than toast. Actually, I reckon the toast is optional... :)

  12. I'm guessing you didn't study philosophy either.

    New follower and fellow crusader! Nice to meet you!

  13. I'm posting up today to reveal the lie and some more stuff bout me, but the guesses have been lots of fun.